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Student Special!

Professional Coaching for Personal Essays and College Applications

I find most students struggling to finish their essays are stymied not by a lack of ability but by confusion over what to write. They only need some guidance to craft a personal statement worthy of admission.

As part of my writing coaching services, I’m offering a special package for students applying to college. This package is specially designed to guide you or your student from rough draft to final and ends with an essay they can be proud of having written themselves.

For $199, you or your student gets two one-on-one coaching sessions going over their personal statement or essay plus a copy-edit of the final draft. The sessions will be conducted over the phone while using a shared online document, enabling us both to see and discuss edits in real time. I’ve found this setup to work best for balancing immediate feedback and focus on the task at hand.


1. Student writes their rough draft ahead of the first session, focusing on getting ideas and words on paper.

2. First coaching session. We go over the rough draft together, discussing messaging, structure, and voice.
– We make sure the prompt is addressed and the paper is in the student’s voice, reflecting their own experiences.
– If the student is feeling stuck, we’ll brainstorm additional paragraph topics or a new thesis.
– We’ll come up with an outline of what needs to be addressed in the next draft.
– We set a deadline for the next draft and the time of our next session.

Usually this process takes one-two hours to get students in a place where they feel comfortable writing their next draft.

3. The student writes their next draft, getting their essay as close to final as possible and addressing topics brought up during the coaching session.

4. Second coaching session. We go over the near-final draft together, refining the document and getting it ready for submission.
-We check that the opening and conclusion agree, that paragraphs are ordered in a way that flows, that the overall message of the essay is clear, and that the language used is positive.

5. Student finalizes their draft.
-When the student considers their essay or personal statement done, I perform a copy-edit of the final draft for spelling and grammar.

To take advantage of this student-only special, just fill out the form below or contact me at lisa@positivelyeditorial.